What’s in common among Credorax, Panaya and Valens ?

Apr 6, 2016

itzik sadeh

VP Salesforce platform and ISVs at BALINK


Well, it is clear that both Credorax, Panaya, and Valens are well known companies, with successful operations, and unique characteristics. Credorax, for example, is a worldwide leader in the smart acquiring domain, holding strategic contracts with Visa and Mastercard globally. Panaya, which was acquired by Infosys, changed the way in which enterprise customers manage their software release upgrade process (which used to be quite painful, especially for the SAP customers). Valens, which developed the HDBase technology, aims to connect the world (for example in the automotive space) and is experiencing great success as well as major growth.

In addition to the success factors above, all these companies built special portals based on the Salesforce App Cloud, using the community technology of Salesforce. This technology enables companies to expose their sales supportive information, and makes it accessible to partners /channels as well as end customers. For example, the technology allows end customers to access the accurate product catalog, or service catalog, order specific items, as well as see accurate pricing.  This takes into account the encompassing relationship between the end customer and the company (for example, previous orders) and allows for a close mutually beneficial connection. The same functionality is also implemented to improve the relationship between the company and its partners/channels, exposing relevant marketing materials, catalogs, sales related data, as well as special dashboards, which improve the channels performance.