After great success in our seminar on the Salesforce Platform, we decided to share some of our best tips. If lately you’ve been realizing a growing need for better use of your CRM, if you want to be able to have a great picture of customer data on a user friendly interface, this article may be for you.

In our latest round-table, sitting side by side with dozens of customers, we reviewed the Salesforce solution in sales, service and cloud platform. The opening words came from One1Link’s CEO  Yaniv Partock . His message was clear – organizations, now more than ever, recognize the need to connect and respond to end customers rather than just businesses.

The organization must unify its messaging through all possible channels.

Taking the point of view of a sales representative, Yaacov Azoulay, Director of Consulting Practice at One1Link , demonstrated the use of the sales cloud to model the sales process including the ease of creating reports and driving Analytics. In most cases, you only need to “drag and drop” an element into a report and it updates to all interfaces, including mobile.

Later on, we took a look at the service cloud solution:  right before our eyes and in a few short steps, Yaacov Azoulay, built a dynamic service center, one which can significantly leverage the customer service process and sales promotion. He demonstrated a customized solution One1Link created for Stanley Health Care, which was highlighted in Dreamforce’s 2015 Service Cloud Keynote in front of no less than 7 thousand people. We saw a 360 view of the customer and that service help the agent by offering native solutions based on where he is in the service cycle. We also saw how an agent can use complex connectivity tools including webchat, CTI, integration with knowledge management systems and ERP. It became clear that service can take on a new role – a sales enabler that brings more value to the core business.

In the last part of the seminar Elie Perez, One1Link’s Platform Manager, demonstrated the declarative tools that allow Salesforce to build designated processes without any need for a developer or knowledge of code:

  • Complex authorization mechanisms for business processes
  • Validations
  • Automation with built the logic of Lightning Process Builder

Elie used the example of a real customer with a branded site based on the Salesforce Community Cloud.

In one morning, participants went through the user experience that defines Salesforce’s success:

  • Rich functionality
  • Flexible implementation
  • Compatibility with business procedures
  • Ease of use

One of the participants at the seminar summed it up best by saying it is not just that Salesforce is a great CRM solution, it’s that you can really get to it fast, a lot faster than your competitors.

If there is one big takeaway we came out with, it’s this: time to deliver is king. Salesforce is a platform that frees the organization so you can focus on your core business processes instead of spending time and resources on IT and infrastructures.

This effective round-table gives us a good head start to what’s coming on November 23rd in the Salesforce Tel Aviv Essentials conference. We will be demonstrating some very cool new Salesforce features that came out this year.

By Gil Gilead, Digital Marketing Manager, One1Link

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