Dreamforce 2016 – A New Cloud Opens a new Frontier for Salesforce

This year’s Dreamforce conference had a record high 170 thousand visitors, painting almost every corner in San-Francisco in Salesforce blue along with touches of green and brown from the Trail Blazers instructional program and solutions. The high point of this year’s conference was the announcement regarding Salesforce Einstein, the new Artificial Intelligence platform. It promises to infuse much needed capabilities including information detection, insight identification, building projections, generating suggestions (and assistance in automation of activities) all based on BI. models. We are witnessing a transformation within the world of organizational information as it applies to sales processes, service and marketing with the goal of making CRM smart. This is an ambitious move, which in many ways is a must in the world of big data and continuous demand for insights within a sea of information. Salesforce’s Einstein, similarly to Salesforce’s other ambitious endeavors, is implemented across all the components of the platform as a layer between the infrastructure and lightning layers. It lies in the heart of the new platform among the other developments by Implisit, which was recently purchased by Salesforce. We will closely follow the unfolding of this intriguing development as it closes the gap between the world of organizational CRM and the world of thinking models and support for decision making.




Another area that received important exposure and in our opinion has immediate potential for successful penetration is the Commercial Cloud. It is based on Salesforce’s significant purchase last year of Demand Ware, the leading cloud e-commerce platform.




The new Commercial Cloud was created in order to incorporate the full range of retail engagement processes, both in supporting digital commerce as well as in hybrid processes consisting of online and in-store merchandising.

It appears that Salesforce’s plans in this realm are even more ambitious, putting Salesforce in the position to offer a full range of solutions for the B2C world, while leveraging the platform capabilities for modeling processes, customization, security, connectivity and mobile. Salesforce has closed the gap in its arsenal of solutions which specialized in B2C, and promises to show exponential growth in the number of commercial transactions that the new cloud will allow, thus positioning the company as a major player in the platform worlds of digital commerce.  We at One1Link are proud to have been able to foresee this shift and have recently performed a series of advanced projects which are in the realm of retail that cut across different aspects of this world including the CPG area (Diplomat), customer experience systems in the car industry (T-systems) as well as fashion (Louis Vuitton). We will continue with this momentum, as we are convinced now more than ever that the synergy between the Salesforce platform and the retail customer world, which today is undergoing a revolution with new capabilities added through the Commercial Cloud, will together produce an appropriate response to the challenges and huge potential that is far from being exhausted in the digital transformation of retail organizations.


On the One1Link front, we are happy to mark this conference as a great success. The international profile of many of our customers is the result of the technological depth of the solutions we offer in Israel and abroad.

Among these, we will specifically mention delving deeper into the collaboration with Stanley Black & Decker now more than ever by bringing most of the business departments onto Salesforce in its international operations. During the conference, the leaders of One1Link and Stanley’s IT and Business Services met in order to formulate new areas for developing the collaboration between the companies.

In the Picture: A meeting at Dreamforce ’16 Between Stanley’s IT Leadership and One1Link’s Management Team